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What We Do

The Hudson Valley CSA Coalition is a network of more than 120 farms in New York’s Hudson Valley region who use the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) economic model. Through a series of strategic initiatives, our mission is to recruit first-time CSA members; to expand the local CSA member base of participating farms; and to make CSA a familiar and accessible option for everyone in the Hudson Valley.


The Hudson Valley CSA Coalition is facilitated by the Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming in Cold Spring, NY, and takes inspiration from Wisconsin’s FairShare CSA Coalition.  


Core Initiatives 

  • Helping consumers find CSA farms near them

  • Increasing the accessibility of CSA shares for SNAP users through CSA is a SNAP

  • Providing educational resources to help CSA members use every last bit of their share

  • Working with regional publications and other partners to promote CSA every spring

  • Sharing resources with member farms and organizing an annual CSA Summit

  • Along with key partners, developing a national CSA network to provide robust resource-sharing, trainings and discussions for CSA practitioners and advocates

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Who We Are

The Coalition is facilitated by the Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming in conjunction with a Leadership Committee of CSA farmers.

Headshot of Kate Anstreicher


Kate holds the position of Program Manager at the Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming. In this role, she is responsible for managing the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition, including organizing the annual CSA Summit, planning the Coalition's spring promotional campaign, and maintaining the website directory. 

Headshot of Michelle Hughes


Michelle has been Associate Director of Regional Food Programs at Glynwood since fall 2020. In addition to directing Glynwood's Regional Food for Health project, Michelle manages CSA is a SNAP, a program that increases the accessibility of CSA to SNAP users. 

Headshot of Megan Larmer


Megan serves as Glynwood's Senior Director of Regional Food Programs. In this role, Megan oversees Glynwood's Cider Project, Food Sovereignty Fund, and work in CSA. 


Leadership Committee


Roxbury Farm

Headshot of Nichki Carangelo with dog

Letterbox Farm

Diana Cowdery with flowers

Diana Mae Flowers

Kate Farrar at Foxtrot Farm & Flowers

Foxtrot Farm & Flowers

Vegetables on a table

Solid Ground Farm

Jarret Nelson at Glynwood

Glynwood Farm

BR Shute headshot

Hearty Roots Farm

Interested in joining the Leadership Committee? 

Joining the Leadership Committee provides CSA Coalition farmers with the opportunity to contribute more deeply to our work. Our working job description sketches out our expectations and experience (both required and preferred) for Leadership Committee candidates. If you’d like to learn more about this opportunity, please reach out to us at

Group photo of the CSA Innovation Network
CSA Innovation Network logo

CSA Innovation Network

The CSA Innovation Network is a national community of practice comprised of farmers and farmer support organizations dedicated to unifying and strengthening the CSA movement. The CSA Innovation Network is led by a core planning and advising team (including the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition) and has expanded to include individuals and organizations who are passionate about supporting the advancement of CSA.


Community supported agriculture (CSA) has been rapidly evolving in recent years. With so many options for consumers to eat locally, many CSA farmers have been struggling to maintain and expand their market. In response, the CSA Innovation Network serves as a resource base of programs and tools that facilitate idea-sharing and support the national movement toward stronger local food systems.

Other Coalitions

Looking for a CSA in your region?

FairShare CSA Coalition

FairShare connects consumers to CSA farms across the Midwest.

Future Harvest

Future Harvest is a sustainable agriculture alliance based in the Chesapeake Bay region. 

Michigan CSA Network

Michigan CSA Network connects consumers with CSA Farms in Michigan.


GrownBy is a cooperatively owned, national online marketplace for local food.

Community Alliance with Family Farmers

CAFF advocates for sustainable food and farming systems in the state of California.

Pacific Northwest CSA Coalition

PNWCSAC connects consumers with CSA farms in Oregon and Washington.

Organic Association of Kentucky

OAK is a nonprofit founded by farmers in Kentucky.

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